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Thread: Russell Seat Disappointment

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    Quote Originally Posted by JanMiller View Post
    thanks for the suggestion. Problem is she's tall and it puts her up into the windstream..

    good point. didn't think of it that way. Maybe someone local to take a few notches out of the seat? In the windstream can be very wearing for pillion. However, if you plan on any distances maybe finding a way to get the best seating possible might be worth a Russell remake. Like they say ...."if mama ain't happy...." After all of our miles together I really endorse that quip. Mary says that the Russell is perfect and she does not tire at all (her excellent leather pants seem to help as well.... 14hrs seems fine). - Bob
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    My new to me Russell arrived today. Great condition, I put it on the bike allready. tomorrow I'll go for a spin and check it out. from sitting on it in the garage I think it will be fine...

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKBeemer View Post

    I guess what is important is where do you go from here. I'd recommend looking for a local upholstery shop or similar business to make the mod for you. I don't think it is rocket surgery and any involvement by Russel seems out the question.

    I can't believe how incredulous I am.

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    I notice that on the MOA Forum, there are often a lot of either stupid replies (jokes) or harsh unfriendly replies. Your post was a good one. We don't agree with your position, but certainly you shouldn't be derided for it. This is why I rarely post here. It is much more brotherly over at XPLOR and you can join free.

    Come on over, we'd love to have you.

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    I don't think Jan's post was all that bad. It may have been missing the point (cost) but there was no other references from Jan regarding warranty or having the alterations done for free. To be fair we did not see the original email to Russell either. (and don't want to)

    I am also not surprised by the response. Russell is a "top of the line" seat producer and can justify the cost because people are willing to pay for it and because they provide great service to the original owner. It also appears that Russell gets the same type of questions day in and day out and had a canned response. Maybe they could have taken the time to ask a few questions first or just provided the standard rate information but they clearly covered all the bases in their response. This saves time but may offend some interested parties.

    I say we all gather around the campfire and have a and just let this one roll off.

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    I bought an 1150rt with a Rich's custom seat and thought how cool is that until I went more than 200 miles and it was just killing me. Living in Seattle I called him to see if he could modify it, Well no way that was going to happen. I went in and he totally rebuilt it from the ground up and made so many changes to make it fit ME that there was no way he could have just made minor adjustments. Sat in his shop all day watching it go through all the steps. There was a lot to it. I then went on a 3000 mile ride and found that the seat was still not right and call Rich up and made and appointment and at no charge he made all the required modification like he should and said if it is still not right to just let him know and he will do what ever is required to make it right. Bottom line it fits me and only me now and it took a lot of work to get it right for me. So without you and your measurements it would never be right and that is what you get when you buy a custom seat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JanMiller View Post
    This is astonishing... I am not rich, and cannot spend money like water. I expected to pay a reasonable amount for a mod, and never asked to be in the front of the line, where did you pull THAT out of???

    I was certainly not expecting an attack by my.. brothers... sorry I posted...
    Jan, sorry so many had to jump to conclusions like that. They could have responded with a few questions, but this kind of attack is, unfortunately, not uncommon in these parts.

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    another alternative

    Another alternative, very close to your expected expenditures, is a CalSci windshield. Don't know what kind of bike it is, but we just put a CalSci on my RT (the Rick Mayer seats are great, but my wife was also in the wind) and it has solved the problem. It is very quiet behind the screen, and all the buffeting of her helmet is gone. Just a thought.

    BTW, if what I said in my earlier post was perceived as an attack, I sincerely apologize. I had intended for it to be a gentleman's disagreement, or a different perspective.

    Anyway, hope this helps.

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    Another 2 cents...

    I used to own a Russel seat and liked it a lot, but at that time they pretty much had a monopoly on the market. Back in the day they only used to work 4 days a week and that was that, 6 weeks wait to go into production. Now you have other options... I think a much more reasonable approach is to take your bike and wife to a custom automotive upholestry shop. They should be able to rework the seat for you to fit your wife at a much more reasonable cost than what Russel wants. Other options are also out there, such as Bill Mayer or Corbin. Best of luck.
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    I don't blame Russell for all the reasons previously posted. Russell's response seemed to the point and professional. Certainly not "harsh."

    Quote Originally Posted by JanMiller View Post
    I was certainly not expecting an attack by my.. brothers... sorry I posted...
    There's been no "attack." People are simply disagreeing with you. If you think you've been attacked, I invite you to post the same thread verbatim at ADVrider and we'll compare responses!

    That said, good luck with your saddle! Do a search here and at other forums and you'll find lots of opinions and options. Let us know what you decide to do. In that regard, everybody here is on your side.
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    I like the fact that the responses on this forum are so matter of fact and right to the point. Yes, some of the time the replies seem a bit blunt. Sometimes the truth stings a little. But, when I come to the forum I am looking for a solution to my motorcycle related problem. This forum does a fantastic job of providing that. I also find that many of the posters go out of thier way to not hurt any one's feelings. When did motorcyclists get so sensitive anyway?

    Learning to not take myself so seriously and not taking everthing so personal has been most liberating.

    Please don't sugar coat it on my account, I promise to behave like a mature adult, even when I don't want to!

    Mark from Maine

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