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Thread: Aftermarket exhaust

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    Aftermarket exhaust

    OK, so maybe I'm looking for the impossible, but here goes. I managed to put a small dent in the chrome of my stock can, add to that the massive size of the stock unit, and I find myself looking at replacement options. The problem I am having is that I really don't want it to be louder, just a bit smaller. Anyone have an aftermarket slip on that keeps the sound level similar to stock?

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    The latest rage is to change out the older oem 'Can' for a '09 1300 S 'Can'...

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    Installed a TwoBrothers, but it's on the loud side. a bit smaller and alot lighter though.

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    German thunder

    I have a Remus slip on on my 06 KR with the restrictor in place. Adds a little more thunder to the exhaust note but not excessive, and drops alot of weight. Engine seems to rev a little nicer also, with maybe a very slight gain in mpg.

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    Not too loud, nice sound --

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    I'm not a fan of the look of the K1300S muffler. I thought I would like it from seeing it from the side, but not at all from the back.
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    Remus Titanium Hexacone with the silencer left in. Weighs 3 pounds versus 17 for the OEM. I've got it on an 07K12GT. Aligned with the bags. 3/4" clearance and no heating issues on the bottom of the bag.

    Downside, way too expensive. What was I thinking.

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    remis exhaust

    i just bought a 2006 k1200r in show room condition.The guy gave me a complete remis titanium exhaust system im wondering how loud this will be

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    remus hexacone with restrictor/silencer installed. not real loud. sounds good. smaller. lighter.
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    I put on a Delkevic stainless oval on my 2007 K1200 GT.
    Looks and sounds great, has a removable baffle, and only cost $200.

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    Remus Hexacone

    I have a Remus Hexacone slip-on on my '09 GT.. I run it without the baffle. Nice sound, not too loud (subjective), and smaller and lighter. It seems a little loud when you first start the bike, especially in a confined area (garage).
    Once under way it mellows out. The only other time is when you hit the happy button, then it will scream a bit. Going down the road or cruising at speed I can barely hear it. It's fun. Highly recommended.

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