Hey, Mike

Howard Snider and I are going to be the Chairpersons for Hospitality for the rally. I live in Findlay and work in Lima. Hospitality is about helping all to have a great time and as you have indicated in some of your posts find the neat places in and around the rally.

We met with Sue Manke at the fair grounds this past Saturday and she has a GREAT TIME planned for all. Howard and I have several others like yourself you are not exactly BMW MOA members but they are enthusiastic about the area and know much. Would you be agreeable to meeting with Howard and I and some others to scope out a plan to show the "Nay Sayers" what a great riding time can be had in the Ohio area.

If you would be interested please advise. You can call me at my office in Lima at 419 996 4841.

Fred Turner: