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Thread: Reynolds rack trunk options

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    Reynolds rack trunk options

    Hi all,
    I've just purchased a reynolds rack with backrest for my K, and am trying to figure out what to mount on it. I'm thinking i'd like to have a hard and lockable box on the back, and only mount the rack for long tours. Can someone recommend a box to mount on it? I'd like to find something that maximizes space, and maybe dips down on either side of the rack...sort of like a hard version of the revpack tour pack. Thanks for any advice!

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    I use a Pelican 1550 on my Reynolds rack. I made up some brackets which are attached to the case and allow me to switch the case between two bikes with Reynolds Racks.

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    I was thinking of something along the same lines. The problem I see, however, is that the Pelican 1550 has a capacity of roughly 35 litres. If i'm going to the trouble of having a functional (ugly?) rack on the back, I might as well put a 52 litre givi box on, no? I can't figure out how far I want to go with this...

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