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Thread: Help from other riders

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    Help from other riders

    Hello; Last Sunday I went for a little ride here on Vancouver Island, everything was going great when I signalled for a right turn and everything died, no dash lights, nothing. I rolled to a stop off to the side of the road, helmet and Joe Rocket off, on the sidestand. The bolt that holds the positive terminal to the lead had fallen out. I figured that it would be waiting for me, shining in the sunshine. I walked back about a mile looking for it, no luck.

    While I was walking back a cop had stoped at the corner and put his flashing cop lights on and was walking across to where I had the bike sitting. I got there and recognized the cop as someone I had gone on the BMW ride with in April. He was on a Rockster and I was on the R12 GS. I told him what had happened, he offered to take me to the nearest Source for hardware even though he was going the other way. I thanked him but declined, as I was just across the highway from a filling station.

    As we were talking a gaggle (12 or so) Harley riders came by and stopped to see if they could help me. One of them had a nut and bolt that would work, and gave it to me. I thanked them for stopping and they left, I started to remove the seat to put the bolt in. The whole operation took maybe 6 minutes, while I was doi9ng that at least 6 other motorcyclists rolled up to me to ask if there was any thing they could do to help.

    I got it all together and went down to the nearest hardware source and bought a new stainless bolt (21 cents) and headed home where I installed it.

    I think it's great how al these guys stopped to help without being asked. In fact while I was by the side of the highway, not a single motorcycle went by without asking if they could help.

    This was on a hot Sunday around 3 o'clock, lots of traffic.

    I can't wait to help someone else in this way.

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    Despite motorcycling being something we do by ourselves or, perhaps, in the company of one other, I've realized that motorcycling is a profoundly social activity.

    Glad it worked out for you, doc. Your responsibility now is to pay it forward to someone else.

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    Did you put your helmet on the ground at the back of your bike near the road? That is the "universal" signal for "Rider in trouble, please help."
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    Thanks 'Flash412' , that's nice to know about the 'universal' signal for help!! Hopefully as I head out on my cross-country trek heading back to AZ with the 'new' to me '87 R80 I will NOT need to use that new found info!!

    Happy 'XPLRN'!!

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    Angry Broke down but no help

    Hi Doc.
    Glad you had all the offers for help. I lost a wheel bearing on the way back from Spokane. Put the helment (in fact two of them) on the side of the road, took bagage off the luggage rack and even signaled we were broken down. I was amased at the number of bikes that just went on buy. Although, no BWs came by.

    I check to see if all bikes on the side of the road need help.


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