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Thread: Hermy's BMW April 11th 3 PM " From attorney to motorcycle mechanic"

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    Hermy's BMW April 11th 3 PM " From attorney to motorcycle mechanic"

    From attorney to motorcycle mechanic presentation

    One woman, one motorcycle and 33,000 miles through South and North America

    Kick-start your ideas – The Top 10 List of how not to do it

    Annette Brickmann is possibly the first attorney in the world to have replaced the Mont Blanc pen with a spanner in a motorcycle repair shop in Buenos Aires. And one of the few women in the world to ride solo from the southern tip of South America, through Central America, Mexico and across the United States; a journey amounting to 33,000 miles through 16 countries, a wider behind and several derailments.

    Based on her solo journey from Buenos Aires to New York City, Annette has a very affecting and entertaining take on how to kick-start your ideas based on an unshakable belief in passion and commitment as the forces which transform ideas into reality.

    Equipped with two licenses, one to practice law, the other to ride a motorcycle and 10 words of Spanish, Annette traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina, to learn how to repair motorcycles and to make a dream come true: to ride alone through South America on a motorcycle.

    After 8 months in Buenos Aires learning motorcycle mechanics and Spanish, Annette rode south to the southernmost town in the world, Ushuaia. From the southern tip of South America she rode north through Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico and across the States, arriving in New York City after 15 months on the road.

    In her presentation Annette takes the audience on a visual journey through the Americas and speaks honestly and with enthusiasm about taking the first step, facing adversity, finding passion and experiencing freedom.

    Please attend this interesting event and support a fellow MOA member. Some of you may have meet her last year at National and even at a California Rally or two. For those that receive Consumer Motorcycle News her profile is featured in the April edition and for the subscribers on the London Times there will be a forthcoming feature soon. For those not in the area future presentations are being setup along her east-south-west US tour to San Fransisco over the next few months. By the way Annette does not reside in the US, she is from Denmark which makes her story even more intriguing.

    Hermy's Tire & Cycle Inc.
    Port Clinton, Pennsylvania

    GPS: 40?? 34.858'N - 076?? 01.470'W

    From the South: 16 miles North of Reading PA on Route 61, 3 miles past Interstate 78

    From the North : 18 miles South of Pottsville PA on Route 61

    From the East: 35 miles West of Allentown PA. On Interstate 78 take exit 29b off I 78,
    then North 3 miles on Route 61

    From the West: 50 miles East of Harrisburg PA. On Interstate 78. take exit 29 off I 78,
    then North 3 miles on Route 61

    Annette's web site

    Future events and dates will be on her site.

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    Sounds like a great afternoon, unfortunately, my wife will be in Sweden with her sisters, visiting my niece, so I become the family taxi, as well as entertaining other family members who will be in town for Easter. Say hello to the gang. You going to Frosty Nutz? If the weather is even close to decent I'll be there. Might need to shop for a better sleeping bag, the cheapos we got for the kids summer camp events probably won't cut it..........

    Ride safe!

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    Thanks for the heads up. She will be in Louisville, KY on April 12th and I'm going to get there one way or another to hear her program.
    Ride Well

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