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Thread: Post a picture of your Wedge

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    Quote Originally Posted by riccas59 View Post
    Spent some time with YouTube and Mr. Riepe today. He has the same whit and humor (sardonic and twisted) as anybody I ever called a good friend. Gonna read the books. Fan, sure. Heck...., we might even be related!

    Made in as far as Jasper last September before I had to race a cold front back to Texas. Montreal to Vancouver is on my bucket list. About 12K round-trip from Austin. If I make it to Vancouver.., maybe a pint and pie at Yaletown Brewing Co.?
    Mr. Riepe regards the original K bikes, as you've probably surmised, as a manly man's bike with R bikes reserved for those riders with chronic constipation.

    Apart from the general condition of the roads in Montreal, I love that city.

    As far as Yaletown Brewing is concerned - you're talkin' my language!

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    Quote Originally Posted by riccas59 View Post
    Yeah. I'm trying to figure out how I can get them both on the road..., together??? Ride the 750 one day, the 1300 the next. I mean, how do you hit the road, and leave one behind???
    morning ride on one of them, afternoon on the other. next day take the 92 to the track, or the K11rs for a spin. each has such a different personality.

    advantages of retirement!
    92 K75s, 94 K75s, 96 K1100RS (caretaker), 09 K1300s

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    Here is mine. 2015 K1300S Motorsports. Bought it with 1300 miles. Still breaking it in! Best all-around single bike I have ever owned.

    Sport Panniers
    A few carbon bits
    All the M-Sport goodies
    Rowe Electronics Amplink Power Distribution Module
    SW Motech Tank Bag w/ power for phone/iPad.
    Radar Detection
    Kaoko Throttle Lock
    Pirelli Angel GT tires

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