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Thread: K12S screen

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    I am 6'-1" and the stock screen isn't bad as far as turbulence but I get a lot of bugs on my face shield and jacket. I would like something maybe just a little taller but at the same time I don't want to take the wind off of my shoulders because the wind helps hold me up at speed taking pressure off of my wrists. Decisions, decisions...

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    Cee Bailey does great windshields that you can get for just about any size setup you want... and where you want the air. And their 'shields are of OEM thickness rather than thin like Aeroflows, though the latter are OK too once you put in the mounting spacers they send with their thin 'shields. And Suburban Machinery make a set of great barbacks for use on the '06 and later Wedge bikes -- that are made to work with the adjustable bars on the K12/1300GTs. They get you out of the 'ride on the wrists' lean. Helps wrist pain tremendously--i.e., like keeping it from happening.
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    my experience

    I bought this MRA touring screen from Pirate and like it. At 6-1 the only thing the adjustable deflector does is change the level at which bugs splatter on my face shield.

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