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Thread: Magnetic Tank Bag Hazard

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    Quote Originally Posted by georgetman View Post
    I use the magnetic CoreTech mini on my 2000 R1100R with the supplied safety strap looped around the steering head. I've been in some vicious crosswinds and have never had more than a slight (1 or 2 inch) displacement. Fueling the bike is simple - I just lift the bag and roll it forward, leaving the strap connected.
    The bag is my best accessory investmant so far. I put my wallet, cell phone, garage door opener, tire pressure gauge, sunglasses etc. in it and when I stop to shop or eat, I simply release it from the plastic hook on the safety strap and carry it with me.
    If I've been riding in dusty conditions I remove the bag when I get home, wash and rewax the tank, use a sticky roller-type lint remover on the bottom on the bag, and rinse the bag with a little warm soapy water to be sure there is no residual goo on it. Many miles without any scratches.
    And - as an added bonus to me - the bright blue bag matches the bike perfectly!

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    My German magnetic bag on R1150R has never come loose, even when hitting Mexican topes & potholes at speed ! Also negotiated the St. of Teouachan with ferocious winds and no issues. I have formed a habit of wiping the bottom off each time I place it on my tank, not a large problem there. It is like an old friend when traveling! I have it full of everything important to have at hand.

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    dude if it's out in the open, strap it down. web belts work perfect.

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    Its all about the magnets and the gap.

    There are other resources to be sure including speaker shops but there are magnets out there that can break bones. A poor magnet will lose force but may be able to be recharged. Get a boyscout to help.

    Try other google searches for "strong earth magnets" There are pull forces way beyond the needed value. A 1" x 18" has 60lb pull.


    Dimensions: 1" dia. x 1/10" thick
    Tolerances: ??0.002" x ??0.002"
    Material: NdFeB, Grade N42
    Plating/Coating: Ni-Cu-Ni (Nickel)
    Magnetization Direction: Axial (Poles on Flat Ends)
    Weight: 0.341 oz. (9.65 g)
    Pull Force: 60.45 lbs
    Surface Field: 2490 Gauss
    Brmax: 13,200 Gauss
    BHmax: 42 MGOe

    Our 1" diameter disc magnets in 1/10" thickness. Useful for a wide range of applications.

    DX0H1: 1 for $1.70 10 for $15.60 25 for $36.50 50 for $68.00 100 for $131.00 250 for $315.00 500 for $580.00 1000 for $1,090.00 2500 for $2,550.00

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    Quote Originally Posted by riderR1150GSAdv View Post
    That is one reason I strap my tankbag. I don't want it flying off in any situation.
    me, too. riding off-road compounds the problem.

    i use a roadgear magnetic bag, but use one of those shoulder straps you seem to get with every briefcase and loop it under the steering stem.

    when it's time for gas, i just stick the bag to the side of the tank.

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