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Thread: Trip report

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    NC Outer Banks

    Just joined the forum, and thought I would post these for rainy day (or at work) reading

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    Great debut

    Welcome aboard. Enjoyed the post. Nice pictures. Nice bike (course I am a bit partial).
    Please post with reckless abandon....
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    Very cool.

    Welcome to the forum, or is it asylum?

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    Originally posted by BradfordBenn
    Very cool.

    Welcome to the forum, or is it asylum?
    remove all the letters up to the first "u" and there is no difference, if that means anything!

    Welcome, fairly new here myself, and the OB is a wonderful area, went down there last year from DC in Sept. on my R100, like you to enjoy it without the maddening throngs. Climbed a couple of the lighthouses, Currituck and Hatteras Light Stations, great views from the top. Interesting tid bit on the Light Stations: the reason each is painted differently is so that they can be told apart during the day, at night each light is on a different sequence, that way the ships know where they are along the coast line, since the land is so low and flat they don't have any other land based markers when they are more than a few miles out.


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