Howdy Everyone. Just wanted to take a few moments to introduce myself. I've lurked here off and on for about the past two years but didn't really have time to participate.

I was originally an MOA member in the late 90's but due to work and other life-related things, I let that lapse I rejoined about two years ago and found this place. I've PM'ed a few members (Hi Josh!) here but just now started to post.

My first go 'round with BMWs started around 2000 when I lived in Southern California and acquired a 1999 R1100RT. Fast forward to the present and I'm now living in the Ann Arbor area and recently purchased an '08 R1200GS.

Looking forward to learning the local roads, attending the rally in Battle Creek and meeting up with some Midwest BMW folks. I'll lurk and cross-post in the Mountain/Prairie States forum, as my wife is originally from Saskatchewan and we find ourselves dividing our off-time in Regina, Calgary and as far west as Seattle. Looking forward to riding there too!

I work for a large Japanese auto manufacturer in powertrain development here in Michigan and at one time (aging myself here!) was a certified automotive technician. I'm pretty good with Oilheads or anything else mechanical and do my own maintenance and mechanical work - more than willing to help out a fellow MOA member with a problem or maintenance.

That's about it...glad to be here!