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The Yankee Beemers put it on and it takes place at the Jamaica State Park in Vermont on the weekend of the 2nd of May. Some where in the southern part of the state. I guess it is a just show up type rally. Saying that, I wonder if food is served or is it a do it yourself feedbag type thing. I am 2 hours north of the rally so I'll definitely be there.

And for those who are planning trips for the summer the Charter Oak Rally takes place on Memorial Day weekend in Connecticut. Cottages are available, plenty of camping space, prime ribs on Saturday night and a good time to be held. Easy to get to off of Rt 2 in Colchester, Ct. straight down 91, to 84 then Rt. 2
No food is served at the rally. There is a general store and restaurant right outside the enterance of the camp site. And several more not far away.