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Thread: GS Traveler requesting assistance in Southern Cal.

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    GS Traveler requesting assistance in Southern Cal.

    Marc is a French GS rider heading north from TDF to Alaska and he needs assistance with finding a mechanic for accident repairs. Here is a copy of his email and his contact info is bottom of the page if you wish to contact him directly. Thank You in advance. BTW he has great pictures on his blog.

    Looking for a good mechanic in Los Angeles - CA


    Hi !

    On the road from Tiera del Fuego to Alaska, I had an accident in Thousand Oaks (north of LA) with a R1100GS '95.
    The damage? body : pipe - toeclip (the right one) - handlebar - airfilterbox - hidetumblers - …
    I'll be back in the area 1rst of april.
    Does anyone have a good address around Los Angeles ?

    Thank you

    marc gibaud
    blog :
    pro :
    and about this trip :

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    Is he looking for a dealer? BMW of Ventura County is very near by Thousand Oaks. (I have no experience with them other than some friends of mine there say that they are a reasonable place to go.)
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    I can not read a word on his blog. But the pictures say it all. What a talented photographer!!!!
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    I'm nearby to Thousand Oaks and in contact with Marc by email. BMW of VC is most definitely open for business as I have written to Marc. I'm waiting for a reply as to the location of his damaged GS and to see if I can help in some way.

    (Note: I normally hang out on where this topic is also posted.)


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