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Thread: Free SPOT

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    oh well

    Tom Baker
    2009 BMW R1200RT
    1970 Triumph Bonneville

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    Got mine yesterday!
    Give a hand.

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    Thumbs up Sweet!

    Got mine today!!

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    They sent me a second idea why. Thought I'd wait awhile before I called them to see if they noticed one's missing.

    Still haven't been successful in getting it to track me. It starts and then drops out after a bit....never picks back up. Lights indicate it's sending a signal....but....

    Customer service has not been able to assist me. They claim I have it too close to the sparkplugs....

    Anyone figure out how to wear the thing (on your person) when riding?

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    I have done some testing with my SPOT.
    Last fall we went from Reno, NV to Carmel by the sea, CA and I had the SPOT in the front pocket of my Santiago jacket.

    It was on tracking and the website tracking showed tracking messages 1 through 10 then the "OK" message which was #13. Along the route messages 11 & 12 were missing.

    Going home I put Spot in my RKA tank-bag in the clear map section and when I got home the website had all of the tracking messages.

    A coulpe of weeks later we went from Reno, NV to Citrus Heights (A&S BMW) and I put SPOT at the bottom of my empty tank-bag and all of the tracking messages came through.

    Going home I put SPOT in my GIVI back box and all the tracking messages came through.

    I was surprised that it worked through the tank-bag and more surprised that it worked in the GIVI box.

    From what I know from friends and myself if you have it in a pocket you body will block the signal.

    The logo on the front must face up.

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