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Thread: Iowa to Panama

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    Iowa to Panama


    I've made it. Conquered all the fears about Mexico, and cross it in 5 nights, using the Golf route. I crossed all except Belize. Stayed in Costa Rica for 3 months, now I am in Panama. Panama it's awesome. Borders are troublesome but I am Latino, so they don't try to get something out of me. I have help a few guys from the US along the way.

    Anyway someone needs help going south let me know


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    Congratulations on a successful trip and helping fellow travelers along the way.

    Once you get settled please send me any contacts you have for my records. I like to have them to help trip planners to riders heading southward. I will give you my contacts from Columbia to Argentina in return.

    I PMed you with Antonio Cabazas contact information, he is the President of the APM (Association of Panamanian Motorcyclists) who runs a bike shop in the financial district. He is very helpful and will help you have a good time.
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