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Thread: TB Riders Tech Day & Sander Races

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    TB Riders Tech Day & Sander Races

    This Saturday's (3-21-09) weather is going to be great for our tech day/belt sander drag races.

    For the tech day, we are going to change out a Hall Effects sensor, set the valves and sync the throttle bodies on an R1150 motor and Jerry is going to show us how to do a bleed on a power integrated brake system. Very exciting stuff!

    If your bike need some attention, bring the parts and any special tools and we'll team up and get it done.

    FREE FOOD - We will be grilling burgers and brats. Slaw, chips and potato salad along with our very own Tampa Bay Riders secret soup (Only one person knows the recipe. The others have met with untimely deaths.) In any case, you will get the hot meal Momma wants you to have.

    The drag race track will be set up for practice and tuning throughout the morning and the official races will begin at about 1 pm.

    We need more racers! Dust off that old sander and bring it out or stop at the store and pick one up. When you're done racing it, you can use it to refinish that deck and patio furniture the wife has been after you about. You're welcome to use any tools, parts and stuff you can find in my garage to tune it up to get an unfair advantage.

    All the fun starts at 9 am. Please post back if you can make it so we will know how much food to buy.

    My address is 7832 Sundown Drive N.
    St. Petersburg, Fl 33709

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    I've got a problem with my R90/6. Will there be any airhead experts there?
    Mike Barfield - Plant City, FL
    '07 R1200 GS - '75 R90/6 - '93 R100GS PD - '71 R60/5 - 2 X '73 R75/5 LWB - '83 R80 ST

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    Airhead experts, hmmmmm.
    I'm not sure they are experts, but we will have some airhead riders in attendance. You are welcome to come over and explain your problems ... with the bike. Someone will probably be able to help you. Besides, it would be nice to meet you.

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