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Thread: Top Case For Gs

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    Top Case For Gs

    I own a 95 GS since new. I would like to add a hard topcase and was wondering who makes the best fit. I visited TwistedThrottle and they have something called a Coocase S48 for $275 that includes brake lights, "alarm" and keyless entry. Has anyone used this product or is Givi the way to go.

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    I got a Micatech top case for my R12GS. I got the medium size which holds quite a bit. I also like the tie down hardware on top for those extra items.

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    Talking GIVI top case

    I have had a GIVI top case on a GS I used to have. I wouldn't buy another one, especially one with the brake light. The contacts for the lights to work didn't hold up. The rounded shape of the case itself wasted packing space.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Statdawg View Post
    Have you looked at

    Some riders do not like hard top cases because of safety concerns. In the event of a sudden stop and your are ejected back wards or stop and the bike is still moving the case could break your back. Have you thought of a soft waterproof bag ? If you are worrying about thief use a Pac safe.

    On a hijack note a soft bag is lighter in weight than a hard top case if you are thinking about long distance travel.
    Could you describe the type of crash that the rider would go backward? I'm trying to imagine one but for the life of me can't.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ksrob View Post
    Could you describe the type of crash that the rider would go backward? I'm trying to imagine one but for the life of me can't.

    Getting rear-ended by a car while stopped at a light. Ewan McGregor go rear-ended in Canadialand on "Long Way Round" and was saved by the hard Touratech panniers. They absorbed most of the damage from the Honda Civic's impact. Well, actually, the Honda's front end absorbed most of the damage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1995GS View Post
    Is Givi the way to go.
    They're not the only way to go but I have a GiVi E52 Maxia on each of my Adventures and another GiVi top box on my KLR 650.

    They are good quality, make efficient use of space (unlike my BMW system cases) and last. No complaints!

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