BMW has released the Annual Report 2008. I have posted the Operational Review for the Motorrad segment text and converted the graphs into text for you.

U.S. sales volume of 11,617 units was 3.9 % down on the previous year‘«÷s performance. In country by country break down of sales by percent: 1.Germany 18.3, 2.Italy 14.8
3.USA 11.4 . Europe taken as a whole represents 73.1 percent of the sales.

Some of the numbers are a bit confusing. For example, the data at the end purports to break down production by model but does not include the G series. The sales numbers do not appear to include Husqvarna Motorcycles which came in with 13, 511 for the year (No comparison number was given for 2007).

The Annual Report 2008 and speeches from its presentation are available for download at The Report is in pdf format and the speeches in rtf or Word.

From the Annual Report 2008

Motorcycle sales volume at previous year‘«÷s level
The BMW Group sold a total of 101,685 BMW motorcycles in 2008 and therefore almost achieved the same sales volume level as in the previous year (‘«Ű 0.8 %), despite the overall contraction of the market. The positive performance by comparison with the competition was helped in particular by the availability of the R 1200 GS (including
the Adventure version), F 650 GS and F 800 GS enduro models from spring 2008 onwards.

Divergent sales volume performance on the markets

In total, 71,889 BMW motorcycles were sold in Europe in 2008, only marginally (‘«Ű 0.9 %) fewer than one year earlier. Within the region, however, the individual markets continued to perform divergently. The BMW Group set itself apart from these negative market developments in many countries and increased market shares. This success was
largely due to the ongoing new model initiative. In Germany, which is the largest single market for BMW motorcycles, the sales volume dropped sharply to 18,571 units, a decrease of 13.7 % against the previous year. There was also a moderate fall in the number of motorcycles sold in Spain, with the sales volume slipping by 2.2 % to 10,152 units. Sales of BMW motorcycles in other European countries were well up on the previous year, in some cases quite considerably. The 8,211 motorcycles handed over to customers in France corresponded to a 7.9 % sales volume increase. More motorcycles were also sold in the United Kingdom (5,618 units / + 7.0 %) and Italy (15,049 units / + 4.3 %) than in 2007.

In the USA, the BMW Group recorded a sales volume of 11,617 units, 3.9 % down on the previous year‘«÷s performance. This was mainly due to the fact that the F 650 GS and the F 800 GS did not become available on the US market until the second half of the year (and hence later than in Europe).

The Motorcycles segment‘«÷s sales in Japan followed the general market trend. The BMW Group sold 3,015 motorcycles on this market in 2008, an 8.9 % drop on a year-on-year
comparison. The F 800 GS did not become available to customers until January 2009.

Numerous new models launched / presented

The Motorcycles segment expanded its product range further in 2008, introducing several new models to the markets. The revised versions of the R 1200 GS and R 1200 GS Adventure enduro models, the new F 800 GS and F 650 GS enduros and the high-performance HP2 sports bike all became available to customers in time for
the start of the season in March. The G 450 X, an enduro designed specifically for sports activities, was launched in autumn 2008.

Other new models were presented at the world‘«÷s largest motorcycle show, INTERMOT, in October: the K 1300 S sports bike, the K 1300 R urban bike, K 1300 GT tourer and
the racing version of the S 1000 RR. More new models were presented to the public for the first time during the Italian EICMA Motorcycle Fair in November, including the new F 800 R urban bike and the purist concept study, the BMW Custom Concept. The K 1300 Series models have been available since the beginning of February 2009, the F 800 R from May onwards. The road version of the S 1000 RR will go on sale at the end of the year.

Motorcycle production volume at previous year‘«÷s level
Motorcycle production volume in 2008 was almost at the previous year‘«÷s level. In total, 104,220 BMW motorcycles were manufactured during the period under report (‘«Ű 0.2 %).
Production at the Berlin plant increased by 6.2 % to 101,964 units, while the number of motorcycles manufactured by the cooperation partner, Piaggio S. p. A. in Noale, Italy, decreased by 73.1 % to 2,256 units. Numerous models came off the production lines for the first time at the Berlin plant in 2008 in conjunction with the segment‘«÷s new model initiative, including three K-Series models (K 1300 S / R / GT), the HP2 Sport and the G 450 X.

BMW Group ‘«Ű key motorcycle markets 2008 as a percentage of sales volume
Germany 18.3
Italy 14.8
USA 11.4
Spain 10.0
France 8.1
United Kingdom 5.5
Other 31.9

BMW motorcycles in 2008 ‘«Ű analysis by series as a percentage of sales volume
R Series 55.5
K Series 11.7
F Series 32.8