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Thread: Anything Beemer wise ever go on in WV?

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    Anything Beemer wise ever go on in WV?

    nevermind, wrong region duh

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    Quote Originally Posted by criminaldesign View Post
    nevermind, wrong region duh
    It has been a long time since I last rode through WV. But, I remember something that was always there: CuRvEy RoAdS!!!! Not much else that I needed except an occasional gas station.

    By the way, the trip was to the New River Gorge Bridge. An extremely high bridge that spans a river that flows South to North. We stopped for some photos at a Water powered grist mill along the way.

    But, to your original question, I do not know of any BMW specific events in WV.

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    I wonder, I wonder.

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    As just mentioned the RA rally is the week end after the MOA rally. WV has lots of great roads too!!

    If you're looking at the map of the state, from 6 o'clock to 9 o'clock is coal country. The coal trucks are big, fast and scary!!!

    When I ride down in this area I try to stay closer to the white line. The coal trucks often blur the yellow line around tight corners. Picture a gravel hauler with 40 wheels and 22 of them are in your lane! (Maybe a small exageration but stay away from the center!)

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