I'm looking for someone or some group to tag along with to the National. My regular riding friends all went and got themselves fancy, high paying jobs which require them to travel extensively, and as a result cannot attend the National.
I'm an experienced rider and a non-smoker so I usually don't require extended stops. I'll be tent camping so if you are planning to stop overnight, I'll be sure to take care of myself so you don't have to worry.
My wife and I would feel more comfortable if I wasn't riding the whole trip alone, so if you'll have me, I'll be happy to join. I promise to be as little trouble as possible.
My plan is to leave Lansing MI, on Tuesday night (July 14) at 5ish, or early Wed. morning. If you can help, feel free to PM me so we can begin planning.
Also, I'm open to meeting at any location outside of Lansing.