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    alaska leather

    does anyone have any opinions of the alaska leather seat pad. how much does it raise you up off the seat. thanks

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    Thumbs up

    Great addition to a stock seat in hot and cold weather.
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    My Favorite Vendor

    I purchased a sheepskin to go over my hard corbin seat. When I called them to order, I asked about payment to expedite shipping. At the time, they may not have used credit cards. It was shipped out that day with the trust that I would pay in a timely manner. At Spokane, the Alaska owner came with me to my bike to adjust it properly. Great service, trusting staff and a great product. No detectable change in seat height but it makes a huge difference in comfort.

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    If you are talking about the sheepskin pads, they only raise you up about 1/4 inch. They sure are comfortable. And the price is extremely reasonable.

    But if you are cheap like me, you can make your own fairly easily as well. The biggest problem is getting a good quality sheepskin in the colour you want. You can dye it at home, but they really don't take the dye all that well. I was able to pick up a good creamy white sheepskin at our local thrift store for $5.00 and washed it a couple of times at home in the machine, then tried to dye it black. Well, it came out a nice greyish blue, which kind of looks cool. Cut it to fit my whole seat (R100RT) then sewed some wide elastic to it, front and back. Slips on the seat nicely and has lasted me 2 years so far. Extremely comfortable. It does have longer hairs than the Alaska Leather butt pads have, but I kind of like it.

    When you are riding long days, your butt will thank you for one of these pads, or a reasonable facsimile.

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    Good product, although I disagree about hot weather. With my butt down in the fur, there was a noticeable lack of ventilation and I got sweaty. I find beads to be much better in hot (and especially humid) conditions.

    Another thing I didn't like was the fact that the pad had only the one strap to go around the seat. This meant that it wasn't held down as well as it could have been, and this caused problems like the front of the pad flipping back if I ever stood on the pegs, the pad sliding around, etc. I wound up modifying mine with a mini-bungee to strap around the nose of the seat of my R100R. Eventually, putting a bead-pad over the sheepskin held it down the best and improved the ventilation significantly.
    (I used both items together to get more height on the seat).

    All that said, the sheepskin is a good product for what it does and if it fits your needs. The skin is very durable and survives well after numerous thorough soakings and machine-dryings. Also, Alaska Leather is a very good company to deal with. I was even offered a 10% in exchange for telling friends about them.
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    I simply wouldn't ride in hot weather without mine - period. Not for anything beyond a very short trip.

    And the part about raising you up a little bit is a positive, not a negative, on long days. When touring in the summer (when we basically live on the bikes for a few months) I start the day with the sheepskin off. First gas stop put it on. Then take it off or put it on occasionally throughout the day.

    It only raises my butt a little bit - say 3/8" - but that change in seating position changes a lot of things: knee position, hip rotation, shoulder rotation, elbow angle, wrist position, and back and neck position - eyes to the horizon. So by alternating with the pad on the bike for a while and off the bike for a while I can change all of that, and ride a much longer day in comfort.

    And - you won't find a better vendor than Barb at Alaska Leather. I know a handful just as fine - but none better.
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    I have found it more than enough to correct the problem I had with the factory seat (Low version/less padding - RT)
    I can comfortably ride all day, but did need the JPegs to rest my knees.
    I have not felt a need to look at Russel, Corbin, Sergeant or the many others that many swear by
    Must be lucky with the right shape butt, and a good measure of "natural padding" Back to the question at hand, highly reccomend

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    I have 2...Love them. Use "Deadsheep" in the discount code box, it gets you 10% off.

    Edit - makes a good pillow when camping, too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rayma60927 View Post
    does anyone have any opinions of the alaska leather seat pad. how much does it raise you up off the seat. thanks
    Use it all the time! Transferred it from my CLc to my C bike. Keeps you dry in the summer and warmer in the winter. It's so worth the money

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