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Thread: F 1 Windsheilds R1150RT-04, proto type

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    F 1 Windsheilds R1150RT-04, proto type

    Hello, a week ago Marcel July from F 1 Windsheilds had posted and asked for any local BMW owners if they would like a new windsheild. I replied and I brought my bike to his R & D shop. He had it for about 3 days, I picked it up on Friday and have put about 250 miles on it. The windshield is about 2" taller with a Laminar lip at top and sides, it is about as wide as the mirrors. The wind protection is very nice and quite. I now can hear my motor and the throtle bodies sucking air thru the air box, tested it up to 100 MPH. I wished it was raining so I could get a better idea of weather protection. Over all, very quite (ear plugs may not be needed) and you feel a gentle breeze around your bodie. I will bring the bike back today for a few adjustments and next week I'll report back. No pictures at this time.

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    This thread is relevant to my interests. Also, it should probably be in either "Oilheads" or "Gear" but thanks for the update. I watched Marcel's video about the RT F1 shield, and it looks very impressive.
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    Moved to Appropriate forum

    Where it will get more attention.
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