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Thread: R80RT ???

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    R80RT ???

    OK I've read the previous posts. Now I'm asking. I'm thinking of adding an airhead to the garage. Looking at earlier R90RTs. Any reason to get a monshock over the dual shock? Anything else about the 1983 R80RT I should worry about? Thanks.


    P.S. I know I drool over the R90/100S but my Oilhead has an S fairing and I would like a more all weather ride. The RT might be it!

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    What I like about my monoshock bike:

    - Easy tire changes
    - No rear wheel bearings to wear out
    - One shock is easier to adjust than 2
    - Stiffer K bike front fork with brace
    - No rear wheel splines to wear out

    I'm sure the two-shock folks have their preferences as well.
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    Kinda new around here,..but for what it's worth...

    I purchased my first BMW a year ago. 1984 r80rt. I put 7k miles on it and didnt even change the oil. All I did was put air in the tires and keep the battery full. I rode it through torrential Florida rains and Sunny hot afternoons as well. Can't say I have ever had a bad ride! I have the 21" winidshield on mine with full fairing. In light rains , without stopping for any red lights, I can honestly say I never got wet below the shoulders. Nice bike. Starting to look at minor maintenance tasks now, maybe some new fork seals, possibly front pads( havent checked them yet). I just took the tank off the bike, to expose a pretty dirty engine underneath. I took off the lower fairing and am in the process of cleaning up a little. Also replacing the air filter. I think the one on there is the stock filter from BMW.


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    A couple of "bikes ago" I had an '83 R80RT. It was a very enjoyable motorcycle. I still feel that the weather coverage was better than either my K100RT or my K1100LT - loved that fairing.

    My "repair" experience included:

    - Learning to be very careful about checking / adjusting the valves at every service. On "mine" the combination of 1983 valves (and seats) and the available gas made this as important as changing the oil!

    - Spline lube - do it!

    - Some examples (mine) had "weak" rivets in the clutch basket (flywheel). Repair of a "failure" can require replacement of both the clutch and the transmission input shaft.

    - Bearing failure in the final drive (still believe that might have been caused by a "wheel issue" that was caused by an improper maintainence proceedure - some day I'll tell you a very exciting story).

    - Being equipped with both crash bars and an oil cooler made oil changes a pain (removal of exhaust system or very slim fingers was required).

    The next owner (the son of a friend of mine) did have to have the heads rebuilt around the 100,000 mile point because of valve and seat wear.

    I only sold it due to a serious case of new bike fever!


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