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Thread: Gas Tank Quick -connect

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    Angry Gas Tank Quick -connect

    Well it is almost getting spring in Wyoming. Got my R1150 RT out of the barn yesterday and took a short ride. Parked in the drive way and seen a little gas on the right side under the center stand. Removed the right side and found the quick-connect leaking a little, touched the hoses and that was a mistake, lost all the gasoline, glad I was in the driveway got a can and saved most of the gas, Sure glad I at home, and engine wasn't hot could have been a bad thing all the gasoline hot engine.


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    what Spring's first ride is for! At least you can replace them with the upgraded metal ones now and take one less worrysome item off the list
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    That's been a problem with the K-bikes too. Dumped my "Q-connectors" at my 12K service, for brass barbs. A little extra hassel for O&R, but I don't worry about leaks 500 miles from the nearest shop.....

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    Look here for a good quality replacement.
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    I'll second the beemerboneyard QDs

    I've had the tank off half a dozen times in the past year, without any concerns. Remember to install one of the QDs "upside down" so when reconnecting them, there's no mistakes when snapping them together.

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    Smile connects on order

    Got some brass connects on order. Sure is a week point the lines.

    TNX all

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    mine broke 100 miles from nowhere

    hit a large hole at low speed and started leaking. Wasn't aware until i stopped and it was dripping to ground. Always carried fuel hose and connectors and clamps after that to eliminate the quick connects if necessary. Think that would be a must have like tire plugs and pump.
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    I have a 95 R1100R, haven't had the bike long. do I have these? I haven't had the tank off, Should I just replace them?

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