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Thread: OHIO Riders, former OHIO based riders, and Illinois riders

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    OHIO Riders, former OHIO based riders, and Illinois riders

    I am trying to get some history on a 1996 R1100R, Black, after market windscreen, BMW System cases, and a Russel Seat. The bike only has 28K miles on the clock. There may have been a Laminar Lip or other accessory on the screen.

    The last 7 digits of the VIN are: 6379677

    There is a relatively clean BMWMOA membership sticker on the rear fender.

    The bike was delivered in OH in 1996. In 1998 all factory recalls were completed regarding the ignition switch and wiring harness. Found its way to Illinois by the second owner.

    Second owner may have been a collector and a member of an Illinois BMW riding club. It is now for sale by the third who lives in Illinois, and he wants to buy a Honda because the bike is too heavy for him.

    I am interested in buying the bike, but I am trying to piece together the service history.

    Please PM me if you have info. TIA, Howard
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    How about a picture?

    I doubt I could ever remember the serial number on a vehicle I owned.

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