Fifth annual Minnesota spring tech day May 16th, 2009

Double garage with bike lift and a carport opens at 10:00AM. Timing,
setting valves, carb syncing by various methods, fluid and filter
replacements, exhaust nut care and feeding along with anything else
you'd like to try. We've got the moly grease if your bike needs a spline
lube. Tools on hand include various greases and goos, standard hand
tools, steering head wrench, exhaust nut tool, timing lamp, torque
wrenches, swing arm bearing puller, $4 airhead manometer, multi-meter
and anything you bring along.

First come first served and the shop will be closing down at 5:00PM. If
you'd like to try something daring let us know before hand and get there
early. We're ready to go after a transmission spline lube but only if we
can get started early in the day. Parts are scarce in the area so bring
what you think you'll need to do the job beyond the tools and lubricants
listed above. We have Dowguard Moly additive at $1 per dose for those
who would like to change their transmission oil (non-synthetic only).

Unfortunately, Jeff Saline won't be able to make it over from the
Dakotas to our event this year. Thanks for all the help in past years

We'll have brats, burgers, sodas, water and other picnic type foods on
hand for the day. We'll pass the hat after for donations to cover the
food cost.

Ernie Swihart has offered to host one more time: 15729 Woodgate Road
South, Minnetonka, Minnesota, 55345

* Hwy 7 west of 494 to Woodland Road. Turn left on Woodland.
* Take Woodland Road to Woodgate Road (about 3/4 mile going south) Turn
left on Woodgate Rd
* Take the next 2 rights
* Immediately look for a long uphill drive on the right with airhead
banner flying.

Please RSVP if you plan to stop by so we know how much food to have on
hand or if we should prep for major bike surgery
. For RSVPs, personal
directions or questions contact the host, Ernie Swihart, at or 952-934-4975 or the other guy helping
organize, Aric Czarnowski, at or 612-718-0392.