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Thread: protective riding gear ???

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    protective riding gear ???

    I really want to upgrade from just wearing jeans. I always wear full face helmet, gloves and a good leather or synthetic jacket with armor. Anyone out there with experience with bohn armor or similar products, or knee-shin pad systems etc.? My opinion is that kevlar jeans alone are not enough, but I'm not really ready to go with with leather pants.
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    I bought a pair of "Joe Rocket" riding pants (sorry can't remember the actual style name) they are very comfortable and come with a removeable waterproof liner.
    They also have a good sized section that zips out, revealing a mesh layer that allows improved ventillation, the knee pads are internal but removable.
    I find them more practical than my leathers, especially in the hot summers down here in Georgia. I think I paid around $150 ish, which is reasonable.
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    Hey Corbtown,
    Are you dragging your knee or logging miles?

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    I'll never again ride without wearing a full suit with protective armour after seeing how well mine saved my hide last year. A good pair of riding pants with knee and hip armour are invaluable to protecting your lower half. There are lots of good choices in textile pants in many styles to suit the look you desire.

    I have two suits, a BMW StreetGuard 2 for touring on my RS and a Revit OffTrack/Dakar suit for getting dirty on the GS. Both have full CE protective armour in all the vital locations.
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    Thumbs up Santiago Pants

    I can't recommend them enough. They are very expensive but they wear like jeans. I did get a deal on them from Colorado BMW. If they have them in stock, the will give a significant discount.

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    BMW city pants

    BMW city pants. After a couple washings they fade a bit and become much softer. Loose the nylon belt and use the one from your jeans.

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    Plenty of good riding pants out there but I just won't ride without armor. I'm very happy with my Revit Dakars. They are very comfortable and well made but really well armored. Not waterproof but they come with a zip in Gortex liner as well as a cold weather liner. I've never had to use the cold liner, rode down to 17 degrees with just the Gortex liner and a pair of long johns with no problems. They are riding pants however and not over pants, so they are what you wear off the bike and won't slip on over boots.

    Small hint with Revit stuff. It tends to run small, at least one size. I followed the Revit measurement guide and was in between on several of the measurements. I opted for the larger measurements in those cases and was glad I did.

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    +1 on the BMW City Pants. Very comfortable and great protection.

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    Motoport Kevlar

    Take a look at motoport. I have the Ultra II mesh kevlar pants and love them. They are a bit pricy but no more than an Aerostich. They will also custom make to your measurements.
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    Quote Originally Posted by corbtown View Post
    I really want to upgrade from just wearing jeans. ....... but I'm not really ready to go with with leather pants.
    Good idea. Jeans will simply shred as you tumble down the road. And frankly I found the leather gear just not that flexible in changing weather. But damn, it looks great when you're profiling...

    You don't need to go full leather. Aerostich, Motoport, Firstgear, et al all provide great products. Unfortunately the range of their products makes the decision tougher. All these manufacturers make a variety of clothing to fit different extremes.

    Don't over-think this. Get a good outer jacket, good overpants (armor in all, spine pad is good). Get a good fleece for layering. Electric liner is great if it's in the budget (you can always add that latter). The idea is think shell outside and layering inside.

    Find out what works for you. Believe me, things change over time so experiment. You can always trade off/sell gear that doesn't or fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ltljohn View Post
    Take a look at motoport. I have the Ultra II mesh kevlar pants and love them. They are a bit pricy but no more than an Aerostich. They will also custom make to your measurements.
    I have a pair of the stretch Kevlar 'jeans'. The quality and fit is impressive. These are 'jeans' made completely from Kevlar...not denim w/ Kevlar re-enforcement in certain areas.
    They are pricey, but very comfortable and have lots of protection.
    With a liner they are good down to 35* (so far) so I have my one and only all-season pant.
    You mail motoport a pair a good fitting jeans and they custom make them for you.
    If you're looking for something to last a great while, I'd check them out....
    Deep in the OH wasteland...
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    I have to harp in for Motoport too. I have leather, Aerostich, and Motoport Kevlar mesh. I ALWAYS reach for the Motoport first. One suit for every weather condition and great crash protection.

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    I have no problem sitting on any bike with gear, as long as it is not running. ATGATT for me. I have Aeorstich Darian. jacket and pants.
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    Motoport Praise

    I agree with the comments on Motoport Ultra II Airmesh. They are easy on and off. . and truly provide 4 season protection. Jacket & pants with all the liners will be ~$1,000. but for four seasons that isn't to bad. .

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    I wear Draggin Jeans with kevlar in the knees and hips/bottom. They now make a kevlar under garment that goes under your jeans and even has provision for armor in the knees. I suffer in the summer heat and humidity and will purchase one of these garments to wear under mesh riding pants. Ride Safe

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