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Thread: protective riding gear ???

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    Denim's ability to last when your body hits pavement is measured in thousandths of a second. Assuming you only slide down the road, with no crushed bones or joints, you will only meet the nice people in the burn ward. There's a reason depictions of Hell are always burning.

    A really good riding suit will run more than a thousand dollars; in some cases a whole lot more. Five minutes in the ER will cost more. Orthopedic surgeons and anesthesiologists live in multi-million dollar houses.

    Think of it as part of the motorcycle....

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    Quote Originally Posted by stkmkt1 View Post
    I have no problem sitting on any bike with gear, as long as it is not running. ATGATT for me. I have Aeorstich Darian. jacket and pants.
    Jeff Peterson
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    ATGATT is how I ride even when its 94 and humid not just when it is convenient! I use;
    Motoport (pants and jacket)
    HJC (to hold my brain in)
    Rev'it boots
    First gear gloves.

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    Gear up for well less than a grand

    Motogear Outlet here in Colorado is doing some good sales. You can gear up for less than a grand including brain bucket.

    Or you can spend a whole lot. I think they'd be cool with either.

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    Smile Real Happy with Olympia

    Me & SO have Olympia AST and matching pants. The temps have ranged from 35 to 60 so far and both of us have been plenty warm with the liner and jacket/pants. Haven't gotten wet yet but they fit well and appear to be very well made. Look around, we bought two complete sets and our dealer 20% off MSRP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ltljohn View Post
    Take a look at motoport. I have the Ultra II mesh kevlar pants and love them. They are a bit pricy but no more than an Aerostich. They will also custom make to your measurements.
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    Ride with gear:)

    Rarely I go riding in less. Tour Master has some good pants and very reasonable $$$. Watertight too, without adding a liner. I ride the pants without the winter liner that comes with it, because it works for me that way. Olympia AST jacket for me, too. The pants run around 120$, from Tour master. I've sued them for 2 years now, without any complaints. I wear leather pants too, when the idea hits me to. The leather is less protection, but very good vs. regular jeans. The leather can slide the pavement to, without ripping open. I find my leather overpants much easier to take on and off, vs the other garments available, but the leather is not watertight. Randy

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    I use all the ATGATT and sometimes I have trouble convincing my wife I need good gear but she was wonderful this week when I bought a BMW Rally Pro 2 suit brand new off our own Flea market for only $1000.00. Saved money and now have the ultimate in riding suits. If I would have bought it first it would have saved me thousands in gear over the years instead of other gear. Now I need to sell some other stuff!

    Brett Endress
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    Quote Originally Posted by scoobs View Post
    I bought a pair of "Joe Rocket" riding pants (sorry can't remember the actual style name) they are very comfortable and come with a removeable waterproof liner.
    They also have a good sized section that zips out, revealing a mesh layer that allows improved ventillation, the knee pads are internal but removable.
    I find them more practical than my leathers, especially in the hot summers down here in Georgia. I think I paid around $150 ish, which is reasonable.
    those sound like the Alter Ego pants. My favorite summer pant- will often wear them over bicy shorts when touring, or over jeans/street pants when commuting.

    ATGATT here as well, and a total "gear whore"- i could outfit a basketball team (if they were all my size) with what's hanging in my closet.
    Ride Safe, Ride Lots

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    Quote Originally Posted by glennhendricks View Post

    Motogear Outlet here in Colorado is doing some good sales. You can gear up for less than a grand including brain bucket.

    Or you can spend a whole lot. I think they'd be cool with either.
    Depending upon your size, I can gear you up for around $600 in new or "nearly new" gear, AGV helmet included. Drop me a PM if you're interested.
    Ride Safe, Ride Lots

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    I have a Motoport Kevlar air mesh pants and jacket, BMW Ralley Pro 2 pants and jacket, and an Aerostich Darien Jacket. I've worn (no longer own) Joe Rocket Alter Ego Pants and mesh jacket.

    The BMW Rally Pro 2 suit is the most comfortable motorcycle pants and jacket I've worn. I prefer to wear this suit unless it's 90 plus degrees, then I wear the Motoport. The Motoport has awesome ventilation, and I couldn't ask for a better mesh jacket. The pants on the other hand are just OK.

    Although the BMW and Motoport suits were far more expensive than the Joe Rocket suit I originally purchased, they are ten times better than the Joe Rocket gear IMO. However, the Joe Rocket gear is better than nothing. So, buy what's comfortable and in your budget.
    Jeff in W.C.
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    Protective gear

    Besides the typical helmet and protective gloves, I started with Areostich. I got 2 of thier systems:

    1. Roadcrafter one piece (back, hips, knees, and elbo pads)
    2. Roadcrafter two piece (same padding as above)

    Please, always wear protective gear - it saved my life in 'August '08. Since I wrecked by '05 R1200RT and the insurance company totaled it, I bought another R1200RT ('08). My wife added to my appearal 'arsenal' with BMW's Pro Ralley II - great system and real stylish (it that's your thing).

    I just picked up a pair of Aerostich Combat lites boots. Go to thier web site and at least and view the Rider wearhouse catalog. 800-222-1994

    Invest in the right appearal...........don't even think of saving $ here. Aerostich / BMW appearal is very pricy but it's the best technology $ can buy. if you skid at 60 mph w/this stuff you stand a change of not lossing your limbs to road rash.

    Good luck shopping..................
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    Consider - the gear is expendable and can be easily replaced., What price is your skin?
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    Dont waste money

    Good stuff aint cheap, and cheap stuff aint good. Having said that, I like Olimpia. Good quality, function and price. (no Im not a salesman). You can spend big bucks on nicer stuff if you want ... but its not necessary. You are better off getting a couple of items (summer and winter clothing) than one "all season" setup. "All-season" means you cook in the summer and shiver in winter. Check out and other online retailers for deals. You can also get really good deals at rallies .... and you can try the stuff on. Good luck.

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    I to never go around the block without ATGATT. I had an accident last year when a rear tire went down while cruising the Interstate. I wasn't wearing anything protective (I know that it was a dumbass thing to do) and got lucky and walked away with a totaled bike and a few scratches. Made the GF wear a helmet and it was beat up. I am now a firm believer in safety gear, even in the middle of the blistering Texas Summers.

    You all ride safe.

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