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Thread: Renewing to this camping thing

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    Renewing to this camping thing

    Ultimately, I want to throw a bag on the bike when I want to camp.
    I have BMW waterproof bag that has the capacity to do that.
    In the bag goes the Tent, Footprint, Sleeping Bag, air mattress, Jet boil & supplies.
    Not a problem leaving from home, but...
    I think I need a way to keep the Damp (tent,footprint) from the Dry (sleeping bag, mattress, jet boil & supplies). I'm a coffee drinker, gotta have it first thing....
    Is there a recommendation from all of you out there on how to put together a kit or separator that can stay in one bag on the road, night after night, and then be cleaned, dried, and stowed until the next excursion?
    I apologize if this remedy is in another thread that I've missed while searching.
    Ultimately, I want everything related to camping to go in one bag that I can just throw on the bike, cinch down, and then go. How to do that as the days progress while being on the road is the issue. I understand the issues with long term storage before we throw it back on the bike, cinch it down, and go again.
    How do I keep dry/dry and wet/separate on the road?
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    I use 2 external bags with one of the external bags holding internal bags, e.g. the tent, chair, tarp, and walking stick/monopod are in their own bags, all stuffed in large H2W bag. You could do something similar. Put your sleeping bag in a thin drybag (sea to summit makes some that are very thin) and then stuff that into your one bag with the wet stuff. Only the outside of the drybag would get wet.

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    Two Bags

    Unfortunately, if you're fixated on using only one bag, the chances of wet and dry mixing is unavoidable.

    Helen Twowheels did a good presentation at past rallies on how to pack. It involved two bags. One for stuff that must remain dry, one for stuff that can be wet.

    Her explanation is here:

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    I use one large Helen bag for both. I pack a plastic garbage bag for the return trip to seperate the wet and dry. It has worked well for me so far, but I may look at a two bag set up soon. I am anticipating more two up riding and a need to take more stuff.
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    I liked the H2W concept (separate wet and dry) so well I bought the bags. In your situation just keep your dry stuff in your existing dry bag & get another non waterproof bag for the tent. The only increased volume will be the bag for the tent as you will only be dividing the existing load.

    If the rolled up tent, poles and groundcloth (I don't use one) get wet enroute.. so what? the tent is rolled or stuffed anyway.

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