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Thread: battery tender

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    battery tender

    Hi folks,
    I plugged the old batter tender into my gel battery on the workbench because it'll soon be time to ride again. The red and green lights on the charger alternate when plugged in, and I can find nothing to explain it.

    Does anyone know the answer to this mystery? I left it plugged in for only a few moments, and tried it 3 times- same results each time.

    By the way, a search for "battery tender" and battery charger" returned no results... I find that kinda hard to believe!!!!

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    Try this link:

    It appears you may have a battery that has a problem or a bad connection.
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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the link--- I looked all over the darn web and couldn't find a thing. I'll go home tonite and clean the connections; that battery was new last June!

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    Isn't the point of a battery "tender" to keep it plugged in so the battery is always at full charge?

    I live in Texas, so the bike never really sits that long, but there have been a few cold spells where the combination of a long sit and cold oil means the battery does not have enough amps to start the bike.

    I've thought about a tender, but based in this post wonder if I'm reading too much into the name.

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    A lead acid battery doesn't like to be fully discharged or sit around without a charge.
    It's probably the worst thing you can do to one, hence the battery tender. I'd try using another battery tender or charger to see if it is the tender. You can severely reduce the life of a battery by abusing it. Best to put that tender on the bike as soon as your riding season is over and leave it on until you begin riding again.


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    Had a similar problem with mine. One of the leads in the BMW plug had come loose. It's been working great ever since. Hopefully it's that easy for you as well. Good luck.


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    Went to a BMW workshop at local dealer. Mechanic who gave workshop answered question about battery tender. His advice was that unless you had driven your bike for an hour, and you ride every day - always plug in the tender after any ride. The clock draws current and when you start the bike the starter draws current.

    Batteries are happiest when they are at full charge - not overcharged or under but at full charge waiting for rider to start the bike. Battery tenders extend the life of the battery and keep them fully charged.

    My airhead is the same way. It doesn't always start when the starter is depressed. Sometimes it tends to be ... stubborn. It's just an airhead thing. With a fully charged battery airhead stubbornness is usually overcome.

    Went for the first ride yesterday. R1200GS had sat all winter with a battery tender "in charge." Bike started immediately; no hesitation. Bike had sat all winter in unheated shed with temperatures in the brass monkey range.

    Yeah, I like battery tenders. YUASA also makes a range of battery keepers.

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