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Thread: R65LS handlebar replacement

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    R65LS handlebar replacement

    I'm contemplating putting different handlebars on my 1982 R65LS and would like to know what options there are out there. The reason for the switch is due to the discomfort of the position of the cafe racer style handlebars. It makes me lean fairly heavily onto them and my shoulder can't take the constant pressure. Also it makes my thumbs, and most of my hand for that matter, go very numb.

    If anyone can make a suggestion as to what is interchangeable with that particular bike and if you have had any experience with this type of problem, I would appreciate your comments.


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    I don't know the dimensions of the standard R65 bar but have you considered it?

    Also, IMO, the 5" or so rise standard "USA" handlebar fitted to USA /6's and /7's is the perfect "high" bar for me. The wrist angle seems as completely natural as the BMW S-bar but with a little more height and width. The stock bar on my 100S is a work of genius IMO, but before I bought my S I had gone through several handlebar choices for my '76 Honda 750F. My final choice for that bike was the /6 bar and it was perfect for the 20,000 miles a year of varied riding I put on that thing for 3 years. Correct wrist angle and height, with a width that helps reduce steering effort without eliminating "feel".

    You might try rotating your stock bar also. My most comfortable position for the R100RS flat bar was just slightly rotated below flat (180 deg horizontal) and goodbye wrist pressure!

    You may have fairing considerations for room also so check it all out before you spend some $$ on new bars.

    P.S. Just checked Capital and they list my favorite /6-/7 bar as the same as the standard R65. Don't confuse it with the later foot-high abomination they offered for the /7's...
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    i've got some US style /7 high rise bars (maybe 7" even) in fairly decent shape. slightly pitted and whatnot, but easily servicable, send me a pm and let me know if you're interested.

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