Hey there,

In the spirit of adventure, I thought I'd set a little goal for the riding season of 2009 for those of us in the Northeast. Since I am not blessed with copious amounts of time off, like some of us here (still have to pay the mortgage, bills, cut the grass, play with the kids, wife, go to work, etc) so why not have a little fun with a couple of one day trips or, a 2-3 day trip. Someone on the Nova Scotia Dualsport club website had proposed the Nova Scotia 4 corners which inspired me to do the New Brunswick 4 Corners.

So I sat down with my Garmin Trip Planner and came up with these coordinates for the trip.

NE Corner N48 00.559 W64 29.467 Miscou Island
SE Corner N46 06.302 W63 46.394 Cape Tormentine
SW Corner N44 36.368 W66 54.532 is on Grand Manan Island (ferry ride)
NW Corner N47 18.266 W69 01.508 St. Francois de Madawaska area

Because the SW corner is on Grand Manan and involves a 2 our ferry ride, and in case some of you get seasick, or just don't have the time. The alternate SW Corner is N45 04.630 W67 04.918 St. Andrews

To prove that you've been at the four corners take a picture of yourself at each of the places and post here. I have never been to any of these places so it's a mystery to me too.

The mileage from my home in Rothesay, NB, works out to be 1525kms or 948 miles for the metrically challenged.