Just installed a Remus sport exhaust on my '08 RT. Got a good deal from the local BMW shop as it was a floor sample. Unfortunately they had opened the packaging to display it and in the process lost some of the hardware. After a few back and forths I think I've got everything. The instructions state to bolt the muffler hanger to the passenger footrest- doesn't say, "with supplied bolt/nut". The kit was missing additional hardware to do this. I deduced that I was missing a nut & washer as the nut on the factory muffler is encapsulated in it. I obtained an 8.8 nut, washer and lock washer and bolted the bracket to the back side if the passenger footrest (used the factory torx bolt/washer). Although the bolt/nut are very tight the muffler wiggles back and forth more than I think it should- there is a rubber bushing in the footpeg bracket, so I would expect some give...but it seems a bit sloppy. The instructions are vague and the photocopied pics are the size of a quarter...so I'm unable to see the level of detail to confirm I have everything bolted on correctly and in the correct sequence. Any ideas/words of wisdom? Perhaps it's normal to have this much movement in the exhaust- but compared to the stock this seems awfully loose.