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Thread: Ride to Havre St-Pierre, Quebec June 2009

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    Question Ride to Havre St-Pierre, Quebec June 2009

    I am planning to ride to the village of Havre St-Pierre, Quebec located at the end of Route 138 on the north side of the St Lawrence River from Quebec City in June '09.
    I have not been on this route before. I plan on camping if the weather is dry. Can anyone provide a profile of this 250 mile stretch, eg, scenic?, twisties? basic condition of the road. I would also appreciate any recomendations for lodging and camp grounds on route.

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    The road was in good condition in 03, I don't recall a lot of camping, best bet is get a hotel in Bai Comeau, then complete the ride to Harve st. Pierre.

    Going fishing ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Colt03 View Post
    The road was in good condition in 03, I don't recall a lot of camping, best bet is get a hotel in Bai Comeau, then complete the ride to Harve st. Pierre.

    Going fishing ?
    I'm thinking about taking my fly rod. I was in Newfoundland last summer and regretted not having it. Did you fish on your trip?

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    It is a great ride and I would recommend going all the way to Natashquan. I did it last year and the roads are fine. No problem getting lodging in hotels up to Baie Comeau and bed and breakfasts or small Inns more North. I did a bit of fishing although I did the trip kinda of quick (solo) so the fishing was for 15 or 20 minute at a time when I would stop to rest. It is a beautiful ride that you won't regret. My wife and I are doing Newfoundland this summer, but on our way home to Ontario, I plan to take the ferry from Matane to Godbout and head up to show her the North Shore at least to Havre St Pierre. THere is lots of camping also.

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    I drove up there a few years ago to catch a float plane to Labrador. I drove in a rented my road report isn't totally accurate. The roads were fine.....the further north that you go, the more desolate it gets. Make sure that you have a reservation in Hsp...therer didn't seem to be many places to stay. Camping should not be a problem.....I would imagine that you could just find a flat spot and pitch the tent.......
    It is a beautiful ride.....I am thinking of doing it myself this summer....more towards August. Be prepared for snotty, cold weather.
    Have fun!

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    PS....learn enough French to be will serve you well.

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    Several years ago, we ferried over from Gaspe, spending a few hours at Anticoste Island. The crossing took all day and into the nite!
    There were more whales than seagulls! The beauty of a northern sunset at sea!!
    Worth every moment!
    The ride from Havre west towards Que City is sweet and will be enjoyed immensely. It's big country and takes a couple of days to make the span .
    Plan to lay-over in Taddussac, get there early afternoon and bolt for the whale watching consessions.
    A good day tour from there is to go up and back each side of the Saguaney Fjords.
    Take time to go into some of the view points.
    ride safe

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    hey, i don't know the area but macman56's suggestion to learn a little french is a good one. from my personal experience abroad i can tell you that anytime you make even the slightest effort to speak the local language, the difference in how you will be received is enormous, not to mention how easy it can be to, oh ...get a hotel room or order supper, versus using awkward "sign language", loud speaking and smiling blankly? not to imply this to be your style, and please forgive me if you are fluent in french or any other language...

    i am NOT fluent in other languages BUT have bought a couple small pocket-sized "phrasebooks" from Lonely Planet. i have an italian and a french pocket phrasebook from this publisher of world travel guides. not only are they immeasurably useful, BUT are also wildly entertaining.

    you can order direct from

    they are small enough to slip into a jacket pocket for easy retrieval/use:
    approx. 3&3/4"(95CM) X 5&1/2"(140CM) X 1/2"(14CM)

    at 8.99 USD (plus shipping) it is an inexpensive way into the hearts of the french canadians!

    best of luck to you and safe riding this summer and always!


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    Just learn "Poutine" and you'll be all set for food. I could eat it for breakfast, lunch AND dinner!

    Also, here are some free phrases to get you started , with sound so you know how they, well...sound.

    Lonely Planet is a GREAT idea - best travel books, best phrase books.

    Have an awesome time.

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    Agree you should go all the way to Natashquan. Not much further than havre St Pierre. Here's the link to my blog which in the back contains an account of the ride I took from VT to Natashquan two seasons ago on my Multistrada. hauntingly beautiful country.


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