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Thread: Best Dirty Bike Wash?

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    A few products that I use to keep my motorcycles showroom looking...and almost 20 years later...

    • Facto AT 30 Mass Transit Vehicle Cleaner (the best water-based commercial degreaser & cleaner around - safe on all surfaces)
    • Seafoam Bugs B Gone (washes away bugs)
    • Lemon Pledge (for daily use)
    • Meguiar's Swirl Remover and Yellow #26 paste wax (for twice a year applications - also keeps windscreen looking new)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 108625 View Post
    Uh, why not dry-by-ride?
    1. It's too much fun watching the neighbors laugh at my "blow dryer"!!!

    2. I hate a wet crotch.

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    I've been using some stuff made for car-washing (I forget the brand). It works really well and something like 1 capful to a gallon of water is all you need. BIG bottle is $3 or $4 at Target.
    For windscreens, headlight lenses & instrument glass/plastic, etc. I use a solution of Simple Green and a microfibre cloth.

    I've also found that the coin-op car washes are great too for getting the bike really clean quickly and easily. That green engine-goop they have really cuts the crud.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PAGoldsby View Post
    I use Simple Green, ridiculously diluted. I hose down the motorcycle, then spray Simple Green over the particularly grungy areas to let it soak. Then, in ~4 gallons of HOT water, I put about a cup of concentrated Simple Green. I use a sponge, rag, brush or whatever to scrub the motorcycle stem-to-stern, and then rinse thoroughly. I hit the instrument cluster and mirrors and a few other nooks and crannies with compressed air to blow out the water. Then I towel-dry whatever's still wet. I gave up on waxing motorcycles years and years ago.
    Compressed air,seriously?Everything I read says just the opposite.

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    Thanks for all the great bike cleaning comments-I feel guilty as my bike has been cleaner than it was for several days. I took it to the car wash and doused the lower parts with degreaser and blasted it off then home for hand car wash on the top end and it is now waiting for shop space to service and polish off the exhaust junk. I don't worry about the blue, just the surface junk with some rubbing compound. Hey, I need to change out my clutch/brake fluids-thanks for the ON reminder Paul!

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