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Thread: Battery Question

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    Battery Question

    I have a friend with a 08 GS and he has the BMW battery charger that is made for the bike. Being an Airhead I'm helping him get his 74 Moto Guzzi back on the road and it needs a new battery. He wants to be able to use the BMW charger he already has. I seem to remember reading some batterys need specific chargers. Are the BMW chargers specific for gel batterys or can they be used on any battery.


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    I just asked;

    This same question to my BMW dealer and he said the gel battery charger should be NO issue charging the older batteries. I just replaced my '78R100/7 water battery for a new glass mat tech battery, no more service. Found one by Deka Battery that was a perfect fit for the old girl. More amp hours too, at 35ah, even better than the original 24ah stock one..The battery chargers cannot be used the other way around, however, due to some reasons I'm unfamiliar with. The CanBus system may have an issue? Randy

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    Anything you connect directly to the battery terminals is not part of the CanBus system.
    This includes chargers and any loads you may want to have switched independantly of CanBus.
    From reading around in here, I gather that the accessory jack, which was a handy charging port pre-CanBus, is switched off by CanBus shortly after the bike is shut off so you won't be able to use that route without modification.
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