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Thread: Ontario was HOT today !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotorradMike View Post
    Fellow Ontarians:

    There's six of us in this thread and only one of gvpurvis.

    What say we all go down to Alabama(in July), beat up on him and steal his beer eh?

    Just kidding but I am jealous.

    Go to Alabama in July.. sure, beat him up..nah, steal his beer..why, American beer is like making love in a canoe...

    On the up side, I get mine out of storage this weekend

    Boycott winter, it's time to ride.

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    Woke up this morning with a foot of fresh snow just 100 ks north of TO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 74937 View Post
    Woke up this morning with a foot of fresh snow just 100 ks north of TO.
    I drove to Orilla yesterday. Sure glad I still have the four snow tires on. The slush on the 400 was especially treacherous. I counted about eight cars/SUVs in the ditch there and back. Also saw about 18 snow plows but fortunately they were always on the other side of the medians and I did not have to join the slow procession behind them. Of course this morning I had to clear the slippery steps and driveway and put salt down to keep the mail carrier safe. Winter should be totally be gone by the end of May or sometime if one is patient.
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