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Thread: Does anybody soup up a beemer?

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    Some people do. Look at the Max ad in the March ON. Stage 1 ECU software mapping. Stage 2 Performance cam, lifter, rod and piston upgrade. Stage 3 3.0 Ratio performance final drive upgrade. for a 18 bHP gain at the rear wheel.
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    It's Not The Bike

    IT's the people that buy them. Ever been to a BMW rally with a burn out pit? Seen
    a group of RS's doing block long wheelies? It's not a money or design issue either.
    If there was a market, I'm sure someone could bolt on a nitrous bottle and remap the
    engine management cheap enough. Lets face it, in the world of speed freaks BMW
    attracts the G-rated crowd, and the hard core get their giggles with rice burners.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ultracyclist View Post
    Triumphs are the Mr. Potato heads of the bike world.

    Gonna remember that one!
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    Let's keep it to beemers, please. I know there are many other brands available with a lot more owner and aftermarket interest in modifications; it's the lack of same regarding beemers that has me so curious.

    Responding to other comments:
    Thanks for the responses, all. Some were no surprise, some were enlightening.
    I already knew about San Jose & Max BMW, but the turbo K was interesting; even if I don't have one. Good reading is still good reading!
    No I haven't seen burnout pits at any rallies, I've never been interested in attending a rally.
    Block long wheelies? I'm asking about creativity and ingenuity, not exhibitionism. Though both can be forms of self expression, some of us save it for the track, or for the right empty road with nobody to impress.
    A lot of the hot rod builders I know much are older than I am, and put together some fascinating stuff, on two wheels or four. Most of them do it just because they can... It's the gearhead way.
    Some people like the challenge of something different; doesn't anyone remember Dr. John Wittner, the Moto Guzzi racing dentist?
    What about the folks who built BMWs for Dakar, the "Headbanger's Ball" (Boxercup), sidecar racing rigs, or those who bought S or HP models? Some of them must be altered from stock, by now.
    Whose out there right now, rubbing their hands together for the opportunity to get an S1000RR soon? You know some of you just can't leave well enough alone.
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    Check here for a little more performance bend.
    "Wow I didn't know BMW made motorcycles, Yeah I think Honda does too."

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    What would be interesting to see would be performance mods made by owner who is also a BMW engine or suspension design engineer.

    Mods by shadetree "mechanics" not so much.
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    Crickets...That didn't take too long.

    I didn't expect the topic to generate as much enthusiasm as yet another redundant farkle thread, but thought it might elicit a response from those who joined the club, and wondered if anyone else shared similar interests; I guess not.

    Thanks for the link, OHScot. I picked up a quote there that kind of sums things up:
    "I was in the Ducati shop the other day and ran into the owner of the BMW motorcycle shop who was buying parts for his Ducati!!!! Too funny!! He doesn't own a BMW sport bike, but owns a Ducati!"

    It reminded me that my "local" (six hour round-trip away) dealer also sells KTMs and Kawasakis. The owner and some of the staff race, and usually park a couple of their race bikes in the showroom to generate interest; all of them KTMs or Kawasakis.

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    Although there is a certain amount of "Gear Headedness" among beemer riders, it's not a major focus.

    There were many airhead gearhead modifications, some which were real improvements, some were negative improvements.

    The main focus though of course has been to travel, with relatively high reliability and little fuss.

    Those of us who still own British bikes, remember them well, and well isn't an apt description of how they ran. My 75 Norton and 74 R90/6 had a 1 to 8 ratio on the odometer respectively, which was inversely related to the maintenance requirements.

    When I was 18, performance modifications were a constant topic of discussion for me, 33 years later, I ride an R90/6 and the least expensive performance modification would be for me to go on a diet.

    Regards, Rod.
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