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Thread: Questions about Deal`s Gap Rumors?

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    Quote Originally Posted by osbornk View Post
    I rode my car this morning (healing from Roto-Rooter surgery) to my favorite crooked road to count the curves across the mountain. It is about 30 or 40 miles of Interstate from the Rally location. The road's pavement is excellent as it was recently paved, there is very little traffic, no guardrails, sheer drop-offs and there are CURVES. The mountain part is a little over 5.5 miles with almost 125 curves. Almost 100 of them are "substantial". To get there, you simply exit onto Rt 80 from I-81 (exit 22 I think) in Virginia. You will meander through the country about 10 miles until you get to the mountain. After you cross the mountain, you meander on another 4.5 miles until you come to a stop sign. Turn left at the stop sign on to Rt-19 and that takes you back to I-81 in Abingdon. Best crooked road I know.
    I second that route 80, Ken! It is also one of my favorites. Especially over Hayters Gap! A good way to get up to the Breaks Interstate Park.
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    I've been meaning for weeks to go ride up that way, now that I'm in this part of the country. If no other obligations present themselves next week, I might just go up for a mid-week night or two in the area and really give it a thorough exploration.
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