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Thread: Anyone know where i can find a R17?

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    Question Anyone know where i can find a R17?

    Ive been wanting a R17 for some time now but cant seem to find any one or any place that has one for sale. I realize that they are super hard to find and therefore want to find one before they become extinct and only in museums. Haha. I just want to know if any of you have heard through the grape vine of someone selling their R17. Any lead is greatly appreciated. I am posting in the Airheads forum because I see that only a select few visit the vintage forum and figured this would get more attention here. Thanks.
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    Hang around German ebay. Also, you could get some serious info at Veterama...but you'll have to go to Germany for's next month...
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    First off, I think this thread needs to move over to the Vintage area, so I will do that.

    Next, even if you find an R17, beware: they only built about 400 of them originally, but they built 36,000 R12s. An R12 is the same as an R17 except for some changes in the motor (most significantly, OHV vs. sidevalve and a variety of things that go with that) and the final drive gearing. And, the enterprising eastern Europeans have begun creating cylinders, heads and valve covers for R17s. Needless to say, there is a healthy trade in creating new R17s out of old R12s.
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