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    I have a 2005 GS1200 and would like to find a good windscreeen that offers some noise and wind protection. Has anyone replaced their srock windscreen with a better option? Any input would be appeciated.

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    I put a cee bailey on my GS w/ the wind wings and I dig it, super easy to install and it really made a difference w/ wind and noise, but I can still see over it which I like.

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    Try this: take your windshield off the bike and take a ride. Is there more noise or less? When I tried that it put my helmet in "clean air" resulting in less noise. My response was to cut down my stock windshield and keep it in the lowest position.

    That gives me enough wind protection most of the time. This time of year I add a Touratech spoiler. It's noisier, but blocks some of the cold air that would otherwise
    hit my chest.

    // marc
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    One word: Aeroflow.

    After messing around with cheaper "solutions" I finally bit the bullet and bought an Aeroflow. It transformed my 12GS. After ~37,000 miles and three years I can say with confidence that it is the best modification I've ever made to a motorcycle.

    Do a search for mine and others' Aeroflow reviews here and at ADVrider. Also, read the "Windscreen" sticky at the top of ADVrider's GSpot forum.
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    +1 on Cee Bailey. Works great

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