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Thread: Anyone Still Riding with their Hein Gericke Dakar Jacket?

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    I picked it up as a backup for this weekends trip while my vanson's zipper gets fixed. You can tell by the looks It's been places but still many, many years of life left in her. It reminds of the Belstaff Trialmaster minus the rediculous price tag.

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    Your craigslist find is just that, no way I'd part with mine for that paltry sum. I got mine used more than 10 years ago, but by the looks of it on arrival I couldn't tell. Today, it shows a little more wear, but so do I. While sadly it seems to have shrunk ( or was it I that changed sizes??) wouldn't part with it for less that a couple hundred.

    It is definitely got more miles left in it than I do. And I don't intend to quit riding soon.

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    Lost the poundage:)

    I can wear my old Dakar Jacket again and its a nice fit. I smile. Its got to be about 25 years old+ now, but a fine heavy weight jacket...Wish I had bought the pants that matched it. They had cargo pockets on the side of the legs. Randy

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    I bought one 20 years and 40 pounds ago. I can still wear it, barely, without the liner. I don't ever plan to sell it. I'll either lose enough weight to wear it regularly, or I'll give it to my son when he gets old enough to appreciate a classic.

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    Still have mine and it is holding up well. Bought mine new in 1987 and it still fits along with the pants. I still use it on local rides but leave the long trips and questionable weather rides to my Darien.
    I remember it to be one of the first long cut leather jackets that covered my behind.
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