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Thread: Custom in-ear headphones

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    Weather was bad this past Saturday, so I canceled my ride and installed running lights on my boxer. Plan for a nice ride on 28 March and will test them out them.

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    They are not earplugs. They do not compare to my custom fit earplugs. If your helmet is noisy you might not like these. That's the down side.

    On the up side they are comfortable (so far) and do reduce some noise, i.e. they are better than no hearing protection at all. They are roughly the equivalent of stuffing your fingers in your ears.

    I've not used mine for more than an hour at any one time, so don't know how comfortable they would be over an all day ride. That's not an issue for me as they are too noisy for an all day ride. I might break them out to help pass the time on a boring stretch of freeway before switching to my regular earplugs for the fun stuff in the twisties.

    When making the plugs be sure to get the material around ALL sides of your ear. I got good coverage on the top, back, and bottom, but the front of the ear could have used more. Perhaps they would attenuate a bit better had I done that.

    // marc

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    OK - I went for a 180 or so mile ride this past Saturday and tested out these EarFuse devices. Due to a malfunction with my MP3 player, I also tested them as ear plugs.

    Sound quality is good. Volume does not have to be loud, as much ambient noise is blocked.

    Comfort - best I've tried, but still not fully comfortable for me. The actual head-phone part pokes too far into my ear. Maybe my fault in how I constructed them. I'll look at the possibility of modifying the part that pokes into my ear canal.

    Noise reduction: when my music stopped, the road and wind noise was about the same as when I wear good ear plugs.

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    I have a pair of Shure E4c in-ear headphones. The model has been replaced with the SE420MPA model.

    Yes, they cost as much as a new iPod Touch 32GB. But then you understand paying more for quality because you ride a $20,000 motorcycle.

    They don't need to be customized to fit your ear canal. They come with a large assortment of differently sized "flanges" to fit your particular ear canal. When the flange is properly sealed against the wall of the ear canal, external sounds are greatly muted. There are good reasons professional musicians use Shure products on stage and in the recording studio, and you should use them for those same reasons.
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    Ain't no way I can justify spending $430 on any headphones. The price of the bike has nothing to do with it - that's a non sequitur.

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    I bought a set of Fuze earphones. The sound is good, the noise suppression is good. However, the sound is not nearly as good and the noise suppression not anywhere close to my Etymotic ER6i earphones with the yellow foam earplug fitting. I like the Fuze for mowing the lawn, in the gym, etc. But for riding, especially something that screams like my CBR600RR, they aren't good enough.

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    Spend the big bucks and go for Ultimate Ears UE7!!

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    Well, I ordered the Motorsport version (red and blue) on Thursday and they arrived on Saturday. I went right to work on them that afternoon. Easy to mix, 2 parts, softer than silly putty. Insert the buds and mush the stuff in to fill the ear well and "Helix" that serves to lock the bud in the ear. I let them set for about 20-25 minutes while listening to some tunes and did not hear my wife at all when she was calling me about something.

    Took them out for a ride this morning in to work, and while they do not block out all ambient noise, the sound quality is great! I could still hear the rumble of the Z-Techs, but not the toll collector speaking at the bridge. I think the external noise level is blocked at least as well as with my regular ear plugs.

    I like 'em! Enjoyed the ride home also!
    Bob Smith
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