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Thread: boots for big feet

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    boots for big feet

    Morning everyone,

    My clodhoppers are size 13 EEs. My problem is compounded in that I have ankles like tree trunks--there is no taper between my foot and calf. Anyone have any recommendations on street wear for folk like me? I would love a set of boots but a 3/4 boot recommendation would also be great.

    Thank you for any recommendations.


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    I also have a 'man size' foot and am currently using a pair from alpinestar
    (metric size 47) and simply don't zip them up on the side (because I can't)
    Perhaps some of their models might be worth a try. Good Luck.

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    I wear Sidi Typhoons in 48.

    I have giant feet that are very wide and my ankles are all jacked up (huge) from old crashes.

    The Typhoons have Velcro closures that can be used for all different widths.

    They are Gore-tex & $$$$, but they rock!

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    I've got 13 3E with the same tree trunk ankles.

    I have never found a pair of motorcycle specific boots to wear.

    However, Red Wing over the ankle work books (waterproof versions, w/steel toe) are fantastic.

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    Nice to know there are other brethren out there with ankles like mine! I am going to see if I can find a pair of the SIDI Way Mega Rains--maybe this weekend in Columbus at the Iron Pony. Will let you all know.

    I think the Redwings are a very good alternative--maybe cheaper too.


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    13 - 5E here. Everytime anybody on any forum suggests something, I try it. So far, they're all a bunch of liars.

    There are a few custom bootmakers out there. The one that impresses me is in England. No chance of a ride-in...
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    Big foot

    The Alberta Boot company makes the police boot in what ever size you want. They make the brown one for the RCMP and a black one called Black Strathcona.

    sales @ albertaboot .com
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    If you're a big guy, also consider your calf size. That's particularly true if you want a pair of taller (~14") boots. I wear a 45 or 46 which is on the larger end of sizes, but nothing out of the ordinary. But I also have tree trunk calves and taller boots just won't wrap around them well. A few months ago I measured them: my left calf is 19", and the right calf is 19 1/4". I currently wear a pair of BMW Contours (~11" high) which have around four years and 30,000 winter riding miles on them and their end is in sight. The Contours are incredibly comfortable, but they offer no ankle protection, have little support, and the retention, while okay, could be better. I'd really like something taller and more substantial around the ankle.

    So I did some shopping. I was interested in the Vendramini Marathon, so I emailed their USA distributor,, and asked about the calf size. His response was almost funny. I'm paraphrasing, but he said that they're made to fit huge calves, so there'd be no problem all the way up to a 17" calf.

    Secondly, I was ready to buy a pair of TCX (formerly Oxtar) Infinities, but I wanted to look at them first. I got my BMW dealership to order them. They're beautifully made boots! The size 45 fit my foot perfectly. But I could only get about a quarter inch of the several inches of velcro around my calf! What a disappointment.

    So I called Helmot about their taller Road Star Trans Open GTX boots. Helimot said they're pretty big, but that a 19" calf may be a problem. But he also said that they have a number of customers with 21" calves who are very happy with the regular Road Star GTX, which is a more normal 11" or so high, but is supposed to be a substantial boot in terms of ankle protection, support, and retention. I've sort of resigned myself to the notion that there are no 14" high boots that'll fit my calves. So, I've decided that I'm going to order a pair of the Road Star GTX to check them out. I won't know for certain until I try a pair on, but I have no reason to disbelieve them as they have a reputation for good customer service.

    Anyway, my point is that if you're a big enough guy to wear 47-48 or an American 13, consider that your calves may be big, too, and that you may have a problem finding taller boots that fit.
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    Aerostich Combat Touring Boots fit my 10.5EEE feet really well.
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    Thumbs up

    Another vote for Aerostitch and Red Wing boots. I wear 11EEE or 11.5 EEE depending on the boot. Ride Safe

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    I believe a 19 inch calf is called a cankle.

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    Sidi Vertigo boots have an adjustable spoiler to accommodate different size calves.

    Demo here

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    Wish I had your problems. Try finding a size 8 boot that also fits 18" calves.
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    I wear 13 EEEE for most regular shoes and sneakers, I have been wearing 14 EE Cruiserworks boots for many years and they fit great and remain waterproof. Very comfortable to walk in and teach MSF courses in. I highly recommend them.


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    big boots

    My calf isn't the full issue. My size 14, and 15 with winter socks.

    I have found that the Cruiser Works boots run wide. I have a pair of 15 to get the length, but they are very wide on my size D foot.

    The two best boots I have found is the Red Wing Wellingtons and the Aerostich Combat Touring, which I plan to buy. The Combat is too hot for summer around here...Charleston, SC. The Wellingtons are very comfortable, have a good arch, and being tan color, are cooler than black boots. They do not have any protective padding though.

    I also wear my Red Wing work boots, 6" but plan to buy a pair of 8" with padding. I figure they will offer more protection than most of the "motorcycle" boots. I have the Oxtars and they used to feel good, but the arch fell. The new version seems smaller!

    I have found that a tan color is super important in the summer, even for gloves. I can put on black vented gloves and cook, but my tan gloves with out vents is cooler.

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