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Thread: 2009 Rally from Southwest Florida

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    I don't think anyone has talked about rally points yet. There is another thread regarding Florida riders in the East Section ( it's the SOUTH section). In my post above (page 1), I have a link to that thread. I've posted the route the wife and I plan to take (Garmin file), and at least one other member from GA has offered some suggestions to make the route more fun. This will be our first rally as well, although we did do a warm up earlier this year with the B3 (B-cubed) group at Bike Week in Daytona. Since this is our first rally as well, we are certainly open to riding up with others. We are definately looking forward to it!!

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    Everglades Holiday Park

    Are you going to the park tomorrow?

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    I will be there, unless it is raining. Well, I still may go if it is not raining too hard

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    Ok, I'll see u there if it's not raining, I'll be on a yellow R1100S.


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    I am going to ride up from St Pete on Tuesday at noon. I am going to ride 75 to around Atlanta and spend the night. I hope to start the twisties wednesday from Dahlonega, up to suches and riding through the mountains and arriving wednesday night since I am attending a riding seminar Thursday AM.

    Let me know if anyone wants to tag along. Otherwise, I hope to see you at the rally - my first.
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    Leaving Monday From Jacksonville.....

    I downloaded Bernie's GPS routes and plan on following them up most of the way....using the weekend to pack/change oil/air in tires/etc. I am going to be going slower than most (1982 R100RT) - well, maybe not - and camping all the way - probably camp no. Georgia Monday night, Asheville, NC Tuesday night, and then on in to Beer Garden, I mean MOA Rally on Wednesday about noon -

    Getting Really Excited NOW as this is my first too !!!!!!

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    Perhaps we'll meet you along the way, Eddie. Bernie's map is based on my original route, so that's the way I'm headed as well. We'll should be in Georgia Monday night (somewhere around Waycross is my best guess), then Asheville on Tuesday ngiht. I haven't made any hotel reservations as we'll just stop when we get ready. We're on a 2000 K1200LT. Ride safe!

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    I'm leaving July 15 @ 5:00 AM, from North Port. Will be meeting my brother at Deals Gap that evening. Any one want's to ride with, send me a PM.

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