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Thread: BMW Flea Market Area?

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    BMW Flea Market Area?

    Over the years the BMW Flea Market areas, which are good sources for those "frugal" vintage parts, have tended to get hidden or forgotten (i.e. Vermont Rally until several people asked where to find it). These areas are great for the old airhead parts and accessories, but who knows what treasures may be found. Will one be planned for the Gray Rally?
    Well, maybe we shouldn't use that name.

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    i didn't even know we had flea markets. i'd be interested though, i got plenty of parts falling off my /2 that need replacing.

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    Gray Rally...

    I love the Flea Market, even if I don't know what I'm looking at most of the time...

    At Gillette, Paul Glaves told me how to change the O-ring under my leaky oil filler to eliminate my problem (oilhead).

    I stopped at the flea market, and happened to find the parts I needed (plus extra O-rings) for a whopping $5 from Matt Parkhouse.

    Next valve clearance check, I replaced the whole works.

    Thanks, tech gurus, no more leaks!

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