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Thread: 71 in MO. today

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    Quote Originally Posted by crazydrummerdude View Post
    Only problem is, I'm going to a competition shoot this weekend in Springfield, and it's supposed to be like 30 degrees again.. and raining.
    Well, at least it wasn't raining.. it was snowing.

    But, I ran into an MOA member at the shoot.

    If you're out there, I didn't catch your name, but I'll see you on the road..

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    Quote Originally Posted by beemerred View Post
    Boy, did that suck or what? We gotta play both halves of the game to have a chance to win. It sure appeared that Kansas wanted that game a whole lot more than we did. Only Leo Lyons came to play today. I hope that they learned something from it because if they didn`t we won`t go very far in the Big Dance either!
    I think they were just a bit overwhelmed with being in Lawrence.. Pretty ugly.
    Oh well, it's soooo much better than what we have had the last several years..

    Looks like a good weekend to ride this weekend!!
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