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Thread: Thanks to the Volunteers!!

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    Talking Thanks to the Volunteers!!

    I just got back from my Spokane trip and as this was my first National, I must say that I was impressed with the whole experience. Many thanks to all those who volunteered and organized this ralley!!!

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    Rider1150RT: Glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for acknowledging the vols. Without them, this thing doesn't happen at all. Here's to all the volunteers:

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    Talking For some, it's why you go

    I'm one of the few (?) who, once at rally, doesn't ride much (it was enough getting there). Therefore, volunteering is great; time well spent, productive & appreciated (does it get better?). I did 5 (or 6) tours and enjoyed it more than ever (did 4 in WV). Am looking forward to Lima (3 hrs away) and doing/expanding my involvment. Volunteer, it's FUN. L8R <<<)))

    P.S. Appreciation is nice, being a motive force in the endeavor is the motivation/satisfaction. 8~)

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