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Thread: Batterytender fail.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 119240 View Post
    $20k or $11. or $32. + 5yr. warranty
    Ufda happens..........

    Need your R11xx Hall sensor rewired? PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dorongrudo View Post

    "Warranty fee" WT&^% is that? something is warranted or it isn't.

    Geez, tough crowd. Makes it sound like he's cheap 'cause he expects the warranty to be honored!

    I'm with you Capt- 5 years warranty is 5 years warranty.

    Sure, I expect to pay to get the unit back to square one, unless I bought it from a dealer who'll do the footwork for me. But once they have it, and it doesn't look like operator error, case (and my pocket) closed! And it's not about the $-

    "It's the principle of the thing!"

    The 5 year warranty wasn't his idea; it was a selling point, an added feature, tacked on to enhance the value of the item. Like other features, he paid for it, as part of the sales price.
    In my book, if you warranty something for 5 years, I should pay nothing but shipping for 5 years, period. And if I have to go through the return process more often than seems appropriate for the widgit, I'd eventually balk at that, too- the downtime is putting a dent in its usefulness- send me a new one that works!

    Exceptions, of course- if something he did (operator error) caused the failure, and they explain this, that's a reasonable out. Or, if it's something like a battery and the warranty coverage is pro-rated over its expected lifetime, that's different, too. But of course, that would've been disclosed in the fine print from the start...

    I wonder where they get all the 'reconditioned' chargers they send out- are those all unpaid "warranty" repairs?

    I'd be mad, too. But then I haven't had my coffee yet, and of course ymmv.

    I warranty my work- and I know I couldn't look my client in the eye and ask for a "warranty fee"!

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    The Battery Tender website specifically states that the $11.95 fee is for evaluation/shipping/handling to send the new/refurb unit.

    What they (likely) want is for the buyer to return the defective unit to the dealer that they originally bought it from, and have the dealer handle the warranty process/shipping from there through the normal channels.

    The one time I had a problem with one (out of more than a dozen I own) I did it that way and there was no cost to me for replacement. zero. nada. zilch.

    If the Battery Tender was originally bought off the internet or some such, dealer help isn't an option on this one--little or no customer service is always the risk one takes when buying online. Ya pays yer $$ and takes yer chances.

    Seems to me that the Battery Tender company is doing exactly what they said they would do in a warranty situation when the BT was sent to them.

    Warranty info on their website:

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    I've only had 1 experience with these folks and it was great.After several years of using their BT,I realized I needed a connector that I believe was not included with the unit.I asked the price including shipping and the response was,"no problem,we'll send it out to you,no cost.It was there in less than 48 hours.I gave it to a friend and now use an Optimate.YMMV

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