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Thread: I didn't go to Spokane, but . . .

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    Wonderful photo's and story....looking at it all through your eyes makes me want to move back to MT.....looking forward to future submissions by you.

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    Very Cool Harv!

    Yup, good report and the ride seems familiar. Hope the baby is all you are hoping for.

    As to taking pictures, I use the approach of take lots of them, it is only digital. So I take lots of pictures, and eventually you find a few you like. I also have started to look at the ones I like and figure out why I like them.

    For instance one day at the rally I took over 100 pictures, and I had about three or four winners. Another time while doing some landscape stuff, I had five out of five winners. I just have more practice with landscapes.

    The way I look at it, it is just practice.

    It isn't what you ride, it is if you ride

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